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Lavinia Haas was born and raised in Milan, Italy, in a house committed to the arts.

As acrylic paint, pastels and paper were never in short supply, painting and photography became crucial for her existence, as tools of both, emancipation and communication. She is a self-taught artist operating outside a prescription, earning degrees in business and architecture before growing into a full-time artist.
The lifelong exposure to colour forged the nature of her expression, while the free and independent, unconventional training brought her to experiment with a wide cadre of media and techniques, from abstract painting to figurative portraits and collages. The effects meticulously sought to expand her boundaries, combined with a general fascination of the human psyche, brought her to delve deeper into introspective processes and the interpretation of symbols. As means to revealing aspects of truth and reality, she plays with lines and pigments to evoke particular emotions and responses. The resulting art, mostly dominated by a striking sense of colour, centres on describing a human state and capturing its essence.
Among the artist’s most powerful influences and inspirations are Rothko, Af Klint, Basquiat, Seurat, Van Gogh, les Fauves (in particular Henry Matisse), Cocteau and Fontana. She currently lives and works in both Milan, Italy, and Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France.


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