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YOU AND ME (2016-2019) is a series about beings and how we interact with each other; about the beauty in life and of life. It is a reminder of what we hold dearest and fear losing the most. It is an ode to relationships and an invitation never to take them for granted. This series’ imagery is a combination of colour, words and symbols: a sliding door to hidden dimensions where theosophy, alchemy and numerology merge. The geometric figures, elementary and archetypical as a circle, a triangle or a square, along with the lines of life, interrupted and reconnected again, transmit a more profound meaning of human relations.

FRACTURES (2015-2019) is a series about women and how life, with its struggles and tests, affects them. It is about the hurt we tend to conceal under an otherwise perfect appearance, trapped in shame, fear, regret, guilt, loss, pride. It is about the importance of sharing and showing our scars, especially the invisible ones, hidden deep inside ourselves. The cracks, varying in intensity and depth, emphasise the differences in how we react to and cope with what life throws at us.
Every picture tells a distinct story, filled with strong narrative details of the models’ looks, beyond continental, cultural and provincial boundaries.

HUMAN NATURE (2014-2017) is a series about what lies at the essence of peoples' behaviour. It is an anthropological observation of what makes us human, depicting through symbols, colour and words an intricate range of distinct characteristics and traits, which is said we have naturally. It is about the primordial instincts that urge us to think, feel and act in our social lives, and how they translate into virtues and flaws, good and evil. As emotions are born in colour and not black & white, strong hues are the star of the series. The tri-faces capture a split image of self, delineating an infinite variety of human personalities and moral standards. The exaggerated words bluntly emphasise this division and attributes. 

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